“I meet too many people that have stopped going to church altogether because they got hurt for one reason or another. This is very sad to me. This book, Loved into the Light, addresses this problem with hope and healing. It not only exposes so many of the issues that can enslave a person emotionally and spiritual, but also describes the Biblical steps to freedom in Jesus Christ. It is a must read—for anyone, of any faith.”

Pastor Greg Baker - Greeley, CO


“This inspiring book comes from the heart of a truly remarkable woman whose insights run true and deep. Looking back and sharing her own experiences of hope and healing, LaVonne uses Scripture to present clear corrections to false principles and presents a Biblical path for the healing of spiritual and emotional struggles. With sensitivity and caring, this book helps us understand biblical truth in a way that will help you discover firsthand the freedom to walk in God’s truth and grace.”

Karen Shadrack - Marriage, Family Therapist


“By interweaving her personal experiences as a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with documented statements from LDS leaders, LaVonne Earl offers the reader a fascinating look at an organization that craves acceptability despite its historical inability to escape controversy. She energetically defends the biblical text, and by doing so, extends a message of hope to the struggling Latter-day Saint who may have erroneously assumed that, “if Mormonism is wrong, nothing is true.”

Bill McKeever - Mormon Research Ministry


“This book is a must read for anyone who is enslaved to the false teaching of the Mormon Church; however, it is also a very helpful read for people who are Christians and are seeking to be more like Christ experiencing a greater measure of freedom, joy and healing than ever before in their lives.”

Harold Cameron-Moscow, Pennsylvania

“This book exposes the truth on religion, legalism and rituals that has blinded many from experiencing the true Love of God……a must read for anyone who has been led to believe that our works, actions, or lack thereof will earn us God’s love,  forgiveness, and salvation, ………..If you are looking for truth to set you free from your own works and bondages of religion this book is for you!

Flunda Youil –CA


“In her work, “Loved into the Light” Mrs. Earl becomes an amazing guide for the journey of those whose nagging conscience tells them something is not right with Mormonism. She provides a Biblically accurate, clearly documented, concisely written, and yet engagingly personal doorway into the truth of the Bible as compared to the teachings of Mormon Theology. With a special blend of accuracy and gentleness Mrs. Earl neatly avoids the heated offensive polemics of so many others, and instead simply holds out a hand to say, “I was there, let me help”. This is an awesome book for those who want to know Jesus. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Dr. James Johnson, Ph.D.


“What a powerful book! I came from a legalistic Mormon upbringing and though I have been walking in freedom with Christ for about eight years, I still found deeper insight about the power of unearned grace by reading this book. I love the compassionate tone the author takes. She is completely free of judgment for those still a part of the LDs community. I know this book will be a blessing not only to those recovering from legalism but also to those seeking to minister in this area.”

Erika Ulrich- Former Mormon


“Loved into the Light is a refreshing read that offers the reader a clear understanding of Mormonism and the struggles one experiences (as a member) within the church. The author, a Mormon for eighteen years, helps the reader view the faith as an insider who truly loves people and desires their freedom in Christ. She exposes the problems and deception within the church without diminishing the worth of those who practice its teachings.”

Russ Wise, Vice-President, Christian Information Ministries, – Apologist


“My voice had been silenced for years due to the oppression of being a third generation Mormon. I went through all the motions out of duty and love for my family. Now that my chains have been broken I am free to love God in a way that has brought me not only peace and happiness, but also a closer relationship to God and others.

Thank you La Vonne for giving a voice and an understanding to what was once an inner turmoil and a resentment towards God. I am prayerful that many others will read your book, search out the truth and come to experience the Freedom and Joy I have found.”

Your husband-  Michael Earl


“I was born into a Mormon family that dates back to the late 1800′s with my great grandparents. Mormonism was all I ever knew since the time I was born up until the age of 26. Only, and I mean only, by the Grace of God was I set free from the bondage of legalism and false doctrines that epitomizes Mormonism. My wife and I just got your book a couple of days ago and started reading Chapter 1. I really love how you explain Adam’s sin and how the Mormon theology of it puts Adam as the “savior” of God’s plan. I used to argue with “apostate Christians” when I was a Mormon telling them that Adam had to sin to fulfill God’s command to “multiply and replenish”. I have never read or heard such great insight on the subject as I have read in your book so far. I had always believed as a Mormon that Adam had to disobey God in order to obey Him… that is exactly the confusion and circular reasoning you expose just in the first few pages of Chapter 1… I can’t wait to get home from work to read more… I am going to recommend your book to as many people as I can!”

Camden C


“I have met many Mormons living in the West and have always found them to be wonderful moral people.
However, after spending time getting to know them it was always sad to me to see them in such bondage with their faith. There seemed to be a lack of joy and grace. Their faith is all about working your way to heaven.
La Vonne Earl does a great job unpacking the stark contrast between grace and legalism. There is such freedom in Jesus Christ and the love and grace He lavishes upon all those who believe in Him. He does all the work for us!

Loved Into the Light is a wonderful tool to help us understand Mormonism and our loved ones who are caught up in its tangled web of bondage. I found it very useful and want to thank the author for her passion in sharing her journey from Mormonism to Christianity. You won’t be disappointed with the delicious truths shared by La Vonne Earl and to flat out nonsense she exposes within Mormonism!”

Deborah B


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Loved into the Light by LaVonne Earl. Although an unrecognized author as compared to bestselling authors such as Max Lucado, Chuck Swindoll, John MacArthur, Joyce Meyer and others, her book is worthy of a read and all due consideration as in it she not only shines the light on the darkness of the damning doctrines (teachings) of the Mormon Church but she very clearly shines the light on Jesus Christ, the Cross, the True Church and living the Christian Life.

One of the aspects of her book that I was most blessed by was her frequent use of the Word of God to prove her points concerning the errors in the teaching of the Mormon Church. But her use of Scriptures were of far more value than just exposing the darkness of the errors of the Mormon Church …her appropriate and helpful use of the Scriptures were also to teach us truths as revealed in God’s Word that would enable us to live lives pleasing unto our Lord…lives of holiness, joy and freedom which is what God desires for us as his people. She uses the liberating truths of the Word of God along with the sharing of her own personal experiences to inform us as her reader that we can be free from man made religions such as Mormonism, churches and church doctrines that are enslaving as well as from behaviors and sins that keep us from being all that God has saved us and desires for us to be.

Author Earl’s book consists of 19 easy to read and understand chapters of material that is so important to anyone wanting to find and experience true spiritual freedom in life; whether it is freedom from a false religion such as Mormonism, or freedom from sin to live for and glorify the Son of God, Jesus Christ. In her book she writes in sound doctrinal fashion offering an abundance of Scripture references about such teachings and issues as “Who is to Blame for the Fall of Mankind?” in Chapter 1. “Can We Trust God’s Word?” in Chapter 2. “What is the True Church?” in Chapter 3. She writes about “The Dangers of Polygamy” in Chapter 5. In Chapter 7 she shares invaluable insights concerning “Rules, Rules, Rules” and “Losing the Connection.” She writes,” The Bible is not a set of rules; it is a love letter from a Creator to His creation. The reason you or I follow any commandment is because we get to, not because we have to. If you take away the relationship, the `rules’ are meaningless.” She is so right on about that point. Many times even those of us who are professing believers in Jesus Christ forget her point and are trying to follow a bunch or rules – trying so hard to do just the right thing or things – to gain favor with our Heavenly Father when we already have it.

Something  I really like about her book is that she begins each chapter with appropriate Scriptures from the Word of God and then concludes each Chapter with a powerful healing prayer. And there is nothing “magic’ about the prayers; however, by our praying them with a sincere heart open to the ministry and healing of the Holy Spirit in our lives, God can and will use them to help us experience the healing He desires for us to receive.

This book is a must read for anyone who is enslaved to the false teaching of the Mormon Church; however, it is also a very helpful read for people who are Christians and are seeking to be more like Christ experiencing a greater measure of freedom, joy and healing than ever before in their lives.”

Harold Cameron