Mormon Recovery Ministry

The Purpose of Mormon Recovery Ministry is to establish Truth and to recover from the deception of Mormonism. Anyone is welcome and will benefit from this ministry. Whether your deception was from the Mormon Church or any other false religious teachings this ministry is for you.

Many people come out of false religion with fear and confusion. Often they are confused about their own identity, wondering who God really is and where they fit in His plan. This Ministry uses God’s Word the Bible to bring clarity to the confusion brought on by false teachings and misinterpretation. You will discover the true loving God that desires a relationship with you, you will learn about baptism, salvation, and many more topics that will bring healing from the damages done while in confusion.

It is this ministries goal to bring clarity to you about the true purpose of this life and to bring back the passion for life that God intended for you to have.

Groups are being established at this time and we desire for you to have one in your area. Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter and to request a group in your area. Feel free to keep in touch and email any questions you might have. You may also join the Mormon Recovery Ministry Page on FB for current studies and new information.