Loved into the Light

14 July

Loved into the Light is a powerful emotional appeal to Mormons, ex-Mormons, and Christians of all faiths to take a close and careful look at the religious system they worship in. The book takes the reader on a self-examination journey of their spiritual state to determine if they are truly following God as found in Scriptures or bowing to the tenants of man.

Loved into the Light is about freedom in God and deliverance from the bondage of man. Written from the personal experiences of an ex-Mormon family, it exposes the emotional, mental, and physical damage that is done as a result of laboring under teachings and leadership that contradicts and conflicts with the Bible, the Word of God.

The book covers many different aspects of Mormon doctrine that led to near disaster in the lives of this one Mormon family. It covers topics such as:

• Rules
• Your calling and true service
• Temple Ordinances
• Mormon Garments
• Eternal Progression (becoming a god)
• The validity of the Bible versus the Book of Mormon
• The Mormon Priesthood
• Racism within the Mormon Church
• And so much more

Loved into the Light, is a frank appraisal of the consequences of certain beliefs and doctrines within the Mormon Church and, by extension, the beliefs held in any church. The book is a warning about the dangers of wholeheartedly adopting beliefs and doctrine that are not taught by God through His Word.

It also provides the keys to healing for those who find themselves injured by a religious system. It demonstrates the full love of God and how any person can find deliverance, freedom, and healing from God and His Word.

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