Feeling the Difference of the Holy Spirit

31 August

Today I went to pass out my invitations for Tuesday’s story, what drew me into the Mormon Church, what life was like then, and how I became free in Christ. I started my morning by going to the LDS Church in Orange. Dressed in full sleeves on this hot day to show respect and not offend anyone in the church, I made my way to the back of the room. As I sat there and watched the people I was overcome with sadness for them. They were starving and they didn’t even know it. Like Africans upon dry land only receiving a little bit of dirty water they sat silent waiting for their message. As the elder approached and started the announcements, who brought the flowers, who placed the chairs, who was now stake president, and on it went until they announced who was now able to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. I became even more disturbed knowing they had no idea that  there was no need for a high priest. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the High Priest once and for all. They somehow missed that in Hebrews. I noticed that the garments appeared to have changed since I was wearing them 9 years ago. The pretty lady in front of me was able to wear a slightly sleeveless top with only a few inches of garments showing. Something that is forbidden in the Mormon Church, but I said nothing allowing her to enjoy the little comfort she had. After 45 minutes and not hearing a word of Christ I made my way to the foyer so I could talk to a few of the members  enduring the empty session by walking the halls. I was able to pass out a few invitations and talk about Jesus without offending anyone. My goal achieved.

My next impromtu  stop was Plaza Bible Church. As I walked through the doors that I have never entered, I felt so incredibly different. Immediate warmth. I was greeted and made to feel welcome. As I told the usher that I was there to pass out invitations he immediately gave them to the pastor who then after making brief announcements came to greet me himself. Pastor Mark  supported my ministry by announcing it to the congregation. His message that day was amazing. He spoke of being filled with the Holy Spirit and allowing God to direct your ministry. Jesus Christ was his focus and it was incredibly nourishing as words of truth filled my spirit.

Praise the Lord oh my soul! I am Free in Christ. Some of the fruits of being in the true body of Christ are Passion for serving, ministry, love, happiness and so much more! I cannot wait to share my story with you! I pray you will join me Tuesday the 14th at 7pm!

God Bless you as you continue to share the life giving water of Jesus.  Be your brother’s keeper!

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